Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Want To Take You 'Home To Mama'

The song has fans 'so emotional right now.'

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson's duet may just be "my kind of perfect."

After months of teasing us with a collaborative project, Justin and Cody have finally unleashed the first track, "Home To Mama," on Tuesday (November 11). And, while I was expecting it to be good, I wasn't really ready for just how good it would end up being.

What makes the song so good is the fact that it's so laid-back and stripped-down. It's just two guys, who happen to be huge pop stars, jamming with their guitars and singing the sweetest lyrics that would sweep anyone off their feet.

Cody, who tweeted out the single cover art earlier in the day, kicks off the sweet, feel-good song by singing all about taking that very special person "home to mama" and to "meet my friends."

"I'll take you home to mama/ Let you meet my friends/ 'Cause you don't come with the drama/ So I want you to the world ends," he sings

Justin, who makes his return to the music scene for the first time since his Journals, which dropped nearly a year ago, comes in on the second verse echoing the same sentiments, saying that this girl is "more than worth it."

"This is more than a season, and I'm not just sprung/ I'm not afraid to tell you that you're the one/ The one I wake up thinking about/ The one I can run to when I'm feeling down/ Life is all good when you're around/ Nobody from the past is beating you right now."

Unfortunately, we don't hear their voices harmonize together all that much, but there's a chance we'll hear plenty of that when the rest of their "smack bang duets" come out.

So, what do the fans think? Well, no surprise -- they find it "actually amazing."

And fans are freaking out that Justin is officially back.