Which Of These 'Twilight' Characters Should Get Their Own Movie?

Who will you choose?

Today, The Storytellers, a contest to find aspiring female filmmakers and continue "The Twilight Saga" officially kicked off with a video featuring author Stephenie Meyer and Kristen Stewart, among others.

Over at the contest's official site, voting has begun to narrow down a field of twenty characters to the ones that will receive brand new origin story movies.

Check out the list below, but you have to head over to the official site for The Storytellers to vote. The polls are open until November 19 at 3 p.m. ET.

1. Alec

Who doesn't want more hand smoke?

2. Alistair

I, frankly, think we need more British vampires.

3. Huilen (right)

She just shows up to save the day in "Breaking Dawn." Let's see her story.

4. Carlisle Cullen

Everybody's vampire dad deserves his own movie.

5. Peter (right)

This way we could get a "Peter and Jasper in Mexico" buddy comedy.

6. Laurent

Everyone can relate to a lapsed vegetarian.

7. Aro

More. Michael. Sheen. Scenery. Chewing. Please.

8. Katrina

There's something to be done with electric skin. That's a movie.

9. Alice Cullen

When did she get the bob? Finally, our questions answered.

10. Siobhan

More Irish brogues is always a good thing.

11. Victoria

One of the great "Twilight" baddies would make for an interesting origin.

12. Marcus

What's the story behind the Volturi's creepy uncle?

13. Stefan

Now's the chance for the Stefan-Vladimir road movie I always wanted.

14. Garrett

More Lee Pace in everything, please.

15. Jane

The vampire played by Dakota Fanning was one of the baddest in the game.

16. Emmett Cullen

Who else has Emmett arm wrestled throughout history?

17. Esme Cullen

There has to be a romantic story about the early days of Esme and Carlisle that we haven't heard.

18. Benjamin

Elemental control is something we need more of in general, so I'm in favor of a Benjamin movie.

19. Vladimir

[See Stefan]

20. James

"James: The Ponytail Begins." Look, writers, I just did your job.

Head over to the official site to vote!