You Won’t Believe What This ‘Frozen’-Inspired Bra Can Do

OK, this is really strange.

"Frozen"-mania has crossed over to pretty much every brand-able product imaginable... But there's one area the animated Disney hit hadn't branched out into yet: bras.

A Japanese lingerie company by the name of Triumph has debuted the latest in bra technology (via io9), and there's a "Frozen"-inspired element to the new underwear.

The "Close Sister Bra" begins with a white, snowflake-covered design, but changes to black when someone else wearing another bra comes close.

Because everyone remembers that scene in "Frozen" where Elsa, freed from the constraints of her life in the castle, finally changes her bra color.


Anyway, head over to io9 to see more pictures that will hopefully enlighten you to whatever the hell this thing is.