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Taylor Swift Is Unrecognizable On The Cover Of 'Wonderland'

You guys know what Taylor Swift looks like, right? Red lips, short blonde hair, bangs, etc., yeah? Well, prepare your minds, because her cover for Wonderland Magazine was just released and—um, whoa—it barely looks like her.

Wonderland Magazine

Be honest: If the name Taylor Swift wasn't in the headline of this post, would you even recognize her?? Like, would you be able to pick this tanned and bold-browed woman out of a crowd and appropriately squeal, "OMG, Taylor Swift, I love your work!!"? I don't think so.

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Her forehead makes yet another rare appearance, her red lipstick is noticeably absent, AND she has a brand new set of bold Cara Delevingne brows all in one photo? It's too much. I can't handle it. Good news is if you want to hold this bad boy in your hands you won't have to wait long—it hits shelves on Thursday.

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Just watch the "Blank Space" video, like, 975 times to fill the 48 hours—the time will fly.