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Rihanna Brings A Little 'Scandal' To The White House: See The Pics

The singer gets her Olivia Pope on in Washington, D.C.

In yet another reason to declare Rihanna's return to Instagram the greatest happening of our time, the singer posted photos from her trip to Washington, D.C. and captioned each one like she was actually living an episode of ABC's "Scandal."

Allow us to flesh out her surely Olivia Pope-approved narrative with some "Scandal" GIFs of our own. Gladiators, ho!

"CYRUS!!! LET ME IN!!" the singer declared at the White House gates, demanding the President's Chief of Staff grant her entrance.

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We imagine Cyrus Beane responded with something helpful like...

Rih then turned to wooing the Commander in Chief himself: "Fitz, darling..."

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But sadly, Rihanna is no Olivia Pope.

Finally, she made it inside, and casually strolled up to the White House press podium...

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...only to be spotted by Press Secretary Abby Whelan.

But, who could stay mad at such a phlawless lady? Before long, Rihanna's entire team was admitted into Olivia Pope & Associates.

OK, Rih, that was fun an all, but can you give us any updates on your upcoming eighth studio album?