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Lorde Meets J-Law, And More Amazing Pics From The 'Mockingjay' Premiere

Let the Hunger Gaaaaaaaames.... Begin!

Though the rest of the world won't get to see "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" until November 21, the world premiere is happening right now (November 10) in London, and the amount of fun the cast is having is making us even more excited for the threequel.

Also, Lorde is there.

Here's some of the best moments so far of the cast goofing off on the red carpet:

Hi, Jennifer Lawrence.

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Hey J-Law, Lorde's right behind you.

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There's Lorde!

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...And this is the most incredible series of images we've ever seen.

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Oh, hey there, Liam.

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Lorde and Elizabeth Banks take a sel-effie.

Banks showing off the madness that is the carpet.

...and that's how they became the J-Law Bunch.

Josh Hutcherson is suspicious of you.

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...and then maybe knees Finnick (Sam Claflin) in the groin?

Natalie Dormer is made out of 90% sass. The other 10% is more sass

Okay, fine, the other 10% is taking time for her fans

The whole cast after the premiere. Is it the 21st yet?