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August Alsina Describes His 10 Seizures And The Surprising Suggestion Doctors Had For Him

The R&B singer says he had a vision of his brother while in a coma.

August Alsina suffered quite a scare in September, when he ended up in the hospital after collapsing on stage in New York -- which lead to a three-day coma. Now, for the first time, he's opening up about that frightening experience.

"Having life taken away from you for a little while forces you to be more open-minded and to go live," he said on a visit to "The Breakfast Club." "It was a case of me putting other people before myself; putting any and everything before myself. Just overworking myself, man, and exhaustion."

He says he kind of remembers passing out, but when he woke up, he didn't realize he had been out for so long.

"I had over 10 seizures," he said. "I never had that problem before. Never that type of medical history in my family or anything of that sort."

One thing he did remember about his coma, though, was that he had a vision of his late brother. "During that time, when I was down for those three days, I saw my brother," he admitted. "In that moment, I saw him. I knew I was cool; I knew I'd be fine."

The "No Love" singer acknowledged that people speculated that his health issues were caused not by exhaustion, but drug use. And though he denied that, he did say that doctors suggested a certain drug may help with some of the issues he's been dealing with.

"They actually told me I need to smoke some more bud. The bud relaxes me."

Hey, August, whatever it takes to stay healthy -- go for it.