Taylor Swift Cordially Invites You To An Effortless Dinner Party At Her Place

The platinum princess explains how to make a night in look easy.

Thanks to her new "Blank Space" music video, we now have a little insight on what a dinner with Taylor Swift and her bae might look like. (We're guessing she's gonna use some of her Ina Garten skills and that she won't be putting a Spotify playlist on as background music.)

While dinner with Taylor at the "Blank Space" manse didn't end well in her new video, the platinum-selling artist told MTV News that a night in with a bestie (whether that be Chrissy Teigen and Kelly Osbourne, Lena Dunham, Karlie Kloss, Selena Gomez, or Ed Sheeran -- just to name a few) starts and concludes in a much different manner.

So what exactly does a kiki with the "Shake It Off" singer entail? Find out in the video above! Then, get more tips and tricks to hosting a Taylor-made party below.

To Cook Or Not Too Cook?

Instagram | @lordemusic

"You have to ask yourself, is there going to be food that you order in or are you going to make food?" Taylor said. "If your friends come over and they're like, let's make dinner they don't mean, let me help you make dinner, they don't mean that, they mean, you cook for me."

Cook In Advance

Instagram | @taylorswift

"You don't want to be cooking and chopping things up and having to concentrate on food while they're trying to tell you about their weird day they had at work."

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Keep In Warm

YouTube | Taylor Swift

"So you cook in advance, you put it your oven at about 200 degrees, that's going to keep it warm after you've made it, it's going to keep it hot but it's not going to bake it more."


YouTube | Taylor Swift

"Then when they get there, you talk to them for about 10 minutes and 'what are we going to eat?' Oh voila! You've got it in your oven."

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