40 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Was The Ultimate Hearthrob

Every birthday for Leo is a gift to the world.

It's Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday today (November 11), but the biggest gift is the one we're getting: another year to bask in the sheer delight of the actor's existence.

Whether you loved him as a star-crossed Shakespearean lover, fell for him on the decks of the doomed Titanic, or came late to the Leo Appreciation Club after seeing him work with Martin Scorcese, there's no denying that Leonardo DiCaprio is basically the most attractive human being on the whole damn planet.

And today, in honor for every year that he's honored the world with his gifts, we've rounded up this list in GIFs of all the times he's stolen our hearts.

1. When he was the prettiest teen heroin addict you'd ever seen in your life.

2. When he wore that St. Vitus sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off.

3. When he tore off his shirt and defied the stars.

4. When he squinted his way through another line.

5. When he squinted, period.

6. When Romeo saw Juliet.

7. When he had the prettiest hair.

8. When he invited us to go... below decks.

9. When the flashbulbs were popping.

10. When he was a human popsicle.

11. When he drew Rose like one of his French girls.

12. When he didn't speak-a the English.

13. When he said the words we'd been waiting to hear.

14. When he played doctor.

15. When he danced like a beautiful bird of paradise.

16. When he could fly our airplane anytime.

17. When he was waiting for us by the clock.

18. When he crashed SNL, just for funzies.

19. When he was an all-American yachting type.

20. When he wore this hat.

21. When he brandished this gun.

22. When it was a great party, old sport.

23. When he apologized for being so damned good-looking.

24. When he named that continent.

25. When he was such a good sport about not winning an Oscar.

26. When he made a very specific cookie order.

27. When he removed his shades.

28. When he blew us a kiss.

29. When he emoted.

30. When he was consumed by rage!

31. When he licked his chops.

32. When he made McConaughey's heart skip a beat.

33. When he... well, maybe not.

34. But definitely when he did this.

35. And this.

36. This, too.

37. This wasn't bad, either.

38. Dreamboat central, right here.

39. In all kinds of weather.

40. And on today of all days, Leo is still number one in our hearts.