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Taylor Swift Fans Think She's ‘Crazy' -- In 'Such A Good Way’ After ‘Blank Space’ Video

Tay may have killed her entire fandom.

Thank you, Swift Gods! Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" video is back online in all its murderous glory.

See, on Monday morning (November 10), Yahoo mistakenly released the video early and it was swiftly taken down, which had us like:

But now Taylor has officially released it and it has us feeling:

And we aren't the only ones freaking out over the obsession-worthy music video. Fans put their hands together for their pop goddess too, applauding her for being cool enough to poke fun at herself and embrace the persona the tabloids have given her: the bat-sh-- crazy girlfriend.

Of course, Swifties loved the fact that her cat, Olivia Benson, made an appearance:

And went crazy with that unexpected "Mean Girls" reference.

They were also quite impressed with her horseback-riding skills.

And her golf skills.

But really they just couldn't get over the fact that this video was "insane."