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Ranking 'The Walking Dead' Cast By Their Hair

Hair there be monsters.

Killing zombies is hairy business, especially when we're talking about the hairy heroes of "The Walking Dead."

Really, the only thing the "Walking Dead" survivors are better at than killing walkers is having awesome, awesome hair. Well... for the most part.

Here's every main "Walking Dead" cast member currently alive on the show, ranked in order of hairy greatness.

15. Father Gabriel Stokes

Only because he doesn't have any.

14. Eugene Porter

T. Brooks Ellis approves. No one else does.

13. Abraham Ford

That red dye job is fooling approximately no one, Sergeant Ford.

12. Carl Grimes

His long hair and cowboy hat combo is adolescent awkwardness in a nutshell.

11. Beth Greene

Too long. Could get caught on something. (See: fences, zombies, lollipop-wielding psycho cops.)

10. Rosita Espinosa

Scores points for originality and confidence. Who else is brave enough to wear pigtails in the zombie apocalypse? Probably bad in terms of functionality, for the same reasons as Beth's hair.

9. Tara Chambler

Hair that's worthy of a fist-bump!

8. Glenn Rhee

Long hair looks better than short hair on our favorite former pizza delivery boy, but we miss the baseball cap.

7. Sasha

Pulled back ponytail is a good look on Tyreese's sister, and gives her the look of a battle-ready warrior. Approved!

6. Tyreese

Beard and beanie is the way to be...nie.

5. Maggie Greene

Really, everything about Maggie is basically the best.

4. Rick Grimes

Like Tyreese, Rick scores big points for the beard, but the shaggy hair is a much improved look over his clean-cut season one days.

3. Michonne

Total ninja warrior goddess hair. The fact that Danai Gurira is wearing a wig does not make it any less awesome.

2. Carol Peletier

As Carol becomes increasingly more badass with each passing episode, so too does her hair.

1. Daryl Dixon

It's not close.