This 'Star Wars' Video Gets Everything Wrong, But It Feels So Right

Remember Seth?

There's so much to learn and discover in the "Star Wars" universe. Thousands of planets, alien races, and names to remember… it's not easy keeping track of everything.

That's why "Star Worms" super fan Neil Cicierega exists. He's here to guide you through every single race in that galaxy from far, far ago, like the droid-eating Jar Jars, the Pa'Ladeens, the Sisteractwonians, and other crazy creatures from the Mos Iceland Container Store.

Hop in Neil's Millionaire Falcon and get the full (somewhat NSFW) experience for yourself:

Okay, okay. It's like Attagirl Abner says: It's a trick. But you'll never look at "Star Man: Episode III — Remember Seth?" the same way ever again, will you?

(Hat tip to reader Mr. Chocolate for passing this along.)