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Jerome Jarre Unleashed This Harry Styles Look-Alike Upon The World, And The Resemblance Is Insane

The Vine star met the most Harry Styles-looking non-Harry Styles ever at the EMA. Sorry, Alex From Target. You've been replaced.

Jerome Jarre -- aka the best viral Vine star ever -- brought his six-second expertise to the MTV EMA tonight, and his coverage did not disappoint. Jarre famously turned down a million-dollar offer because he didn't want to give up creative control of his own accounts. Now that takes dedication to the cause, and tonight the cause was giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the show in Glasgow, including one of the best moments you definitely didn't see on air -- an up-close-and-personal encounter with a guy who looks almost more like Harry Styles than Harry Styles himself.

But more on a that in a moment. Let's take a closer look at Jerome's star-studded trip to the EMA:

First, he guested on MTV's own Vine account, making a frantic flower delivery... to David Hasselhoff.

Then he magically brought a smile to Ariana Grande's face backstage:

...And joked that he was going to be performing alongside Ariana as a dancer in the show.

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Also, things really got hot during Nicki's performance of "Super Bass" -- Jerome had to strip down a layer!

But the weirdest, most WTF moment of the French social media star's trip through the EMAs was definitely encountering bizarro Harry Styles:

How is that not Harry Styles?!?! Apparently, it's just a look-alike who may have been separated at birth from the One Direction star. His Twitter handle is Richard Dickson and he is more than thrilled about the comparison, obviously. See, this is what social media stars do -- they create more of their own kind. (Sorry, Alex From Target. You've been replaced.)