Santa Claus Has An Alien Problem In This 'Doctor Who' Christmas Trailer

Ho, ho, ho!

This Christmas, "Doctor Who" is going to the Cornetto, folks.

Because aliens are set to invade the North Pole and who better to help than good ol' Saint Nick? Particularly when that holly jolly fella is played by none other than Nick Frost.

And as it goes with most nerdy, sci-fi things — we've got some theories! First, though: peep the new trailer.

...Those don't look like sort of elves we'd want to mess with: although if we were the betting sort, we'd hope this story will tie into Frost's BFF's storyline from a few years past. Remember when Simon Pegg played a little fella called The Editor in season one episode "The Long Game"?

Not to play too much into conspiracy theories but the mouths on those beasts sure do look slimy and gross and wildly similar to the Jagrafess of that episode. And that monstrosity sure DID need it to be cold to live. And where's it colder on earth than the North Pole, eh?