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'The Walking Dead': Where Will They Go After Eugene's Shocking Revelation?

Recapping all the biggest moments from 'Self Help'.

After last week's Beth-centric outing of "The Walking Dead," we get to see what's been going on with Abraham's Church Bus to salvation... And though it's a slow burn - bus on fire pun intended - the ending is like a punch to the gut.

Here were all of the biggest moments on "Self Help:"

Abraham Gets Biblical

We'll get to the present day stuff in a second, but much of the episode was focused around flashbacks to Abraham's life, presumably right after the zombie apocalypse started. We see him murderizing men in a supermarket, his - we think - wife Ellen and - we think - two kids scared of him, eventually leaving him...

And we see Abraham finding them all gutted and eaten, immediately sticking a gun in his mouth to end his own life, before encountering Eugene for the first time. Abraham obliterates some Walkers to save Eugene, before walking away from the carnage, presumably to try and kill himself again.

"Stop. You can’t leave," Eugene tells Abraham. "I have a very important mission."

...And we see both how Eugene's lie gave Abraham a mission, something to live for - and how its complete failure by the end of the episode leaves Abraham in a very, very bad place.

Eugene Lies When He Cries


So let's jump to Eugene's big lie, shall we? Readers of the comics have known - or suspected - this has been coming for months, but it's still an awful, awful revelation. Pushed to the edge by a crazed Abraham, Eugene finally admits he is smart, yes... But he's not a scientist. And he can't stop the zombie plague. And he's been lying just because he thought otherwise everyone would leave him to die.

"I'm not a scientist! I'm not a scientist! I lied. I'm not a scientist. I don’t know how to stop it. I'm not a scientist."

Eugene repeats that over and over in his mildly on the spectrum way, getting the lie to the front so he can finally confess. He wanted to get to D.C. for safety, but now that he finally found some people who care about him - both Tara and Maggie have heart-to-hearts with him this episode - he's ready to tell the truth.

"Stephanie. Warren. Pam. Rex. Roger. Josiah, Dirk and Josephine. And Bob."

Eugene lists all the people who have died for him, though we'd argue Bob died more for Sasha, but whatever. And then Abraham punches Eugene so hard, he falls flat on his face.

There's a ton of questions this raises going forward, but the biggest ones: what is the Group's mission now? What does this mean for Abraham? And what is Eugene's function in the Group, now that he's revealed as basically useless?

Church Bus Go Boom

After a chatty opening, the church bus flips over and explodes, due to Eugene's tampering with the fuel-lines. We tend to think despite how smart he says he is... Maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed.

"Maybe we can find some bikes," Tara jokes. "Bikes don’t burn."

Which is, hands down, the smartest thing anyone has ever said in the series. Rather than constantly using the dwindling resource of cars and fuel, and constantly having trouble navigating the car graveyards on highways... Why not use bikes? We'd like to pound it with Tara for thinking of this one.

The Victimless Crime

This is probably worth some more in depth exploration, but easily the creepiest moment in the episode was Eugene watching Rosita and Abraham bone from the self help section - the very same one the episode gets its title from.

Abraham and Rosita know about it, seem relatively fine with it, and as Eugene tells Tara, "I believe this is a victimless crime that provides fun and distraction."

But given recent photo-hack events in the world, is it really? Is this responsible to put in a TV show? Are we reading too much into this? Maybe?

Anyway: don't watch other people have sex, it's weird.

Baby, You're A Firetruck

FX guru Greg Nicotero teased this to us when we talked a few weeks ago, but the stand-out action sequence was easily Eugene "proving his worth" by taking down a horde of walkers with the hose of a firetruck. It's a cool moment, though we wonder if we'll find out more about where Eugene got his crack aim from.

The Shape Of Things To Come

Is a throwaway moment of Eugene reading a book in the library literally the shape of things to come? He's pretty obviously reading the H.G. Wells classic of the same title, and it may give an indication of where the show is going next.

The speculative sci-fi novel deals with the establishment of a "world-state" led by a seemingly benevolent dictator after most of humanity is devastated by a plague. Though the novel leaves it open, part of the world state's main tenets is the abolishing of religion, and years later the state is overthrown.

Is that where we're going with the show? Will that be Eugene's philosophy going forward? Only time will tell... Or if may have just been a throwaway joke.

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