Jay Leno Returned To 'The Tonight Show' Strictly To Make Fun Of Jimmy Fallon

The former host went off on Fallon for his 'puppy hands.'

He may have passed "The Tonight Show" off to Jimmy Fallon in February, but Friday night (November 7), Jay Leno came back to appear as a guest on the very show he used to host.

Leno made sure to make plenty of fun of the guy who took his place, too. He recalled the one time Fallon called him up asking for advice on purchasing an "old timey car."

"This is not gonna work," said Leno. "Can you fix cars? Then you shouldn't get an old car."

Leno went on to make fun of Fallon's hands, which he said looked like they'd "never held a screwdriver or a wrench." "This is like a puppy's paw. This is the hand of a five-year-old. It's actually pink!"

Later in the segment, Leno tried to get Fallon to reimburse him for all his travel expenses--including the porn he watched at his hotel.

Watch Leno dig at Fallon in the clip below.