Colin Douglas Gray for MTV

Usher Wants To Reconnect With Fans In A 'New Moment' For The UR Experience World Tour

After 20 years, he's still got something new up his sleeve.

For years Usher has had all the right moves and all the hit songs, and now he's merging them both to one stage with his UR Experience World Tour.

The "Good Kisser" singer just kicked off his sixth tour and instead of promoting an album—he pushed back his UR LP indefinitely—he's celebrating 20 years of music and chart-topping songs creating a "new moment" for himself.

"Now on the eve of the end of this year and eve of the making of my new moment I decided not to finish my album and put it out, and to go out on tour and reconnect with fans," Usher told MTV News hours before he was set to take the stage at New York's Madison Square Garden tonight. "And that to me was more important, and not being about the focus on the me that's what matters more than anything."

And this isn't just a new experience for him, it's also one for his fans who have been there from the beginning—and the ones just discovering his catalogue of hits.

"It feels new for fans who don't know the older records," he said. "And it feels new for the older fans who are not as acclimated to the more recent records." Watch the interview below.