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What Are Miley Cyrus And Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele Working On?

Gird your loins, Smilers and fans of FUN fashion—Miley Cyrus and famed stylist and all-around phenomenal human Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele appear to be working together again, judging by a bunch of photos Miley posted to Instagram.

There's this picture of Miley smoking while looking smoking in a cage-y bodysuit and while Carlyne (CCD for short) is accessorizing her hand.

And there's this joint selfie of Miley fully made up with a giant disco ball ring and CCD peeking in the background. The prospect of these two pairing up again is a major one because the track record of stuff they've done together is A. MA. ZING.

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V Magazine

Exhibit A: The time CCD put Miley in men's briefs for V magazine.

Vogue Germany

Exhibit B: This topless Marilyn-channeling cover for Vogue Germany.

V Magazine

Exhibit C: That time Carlyne and Karl dressed Miley in a furry swimsuit and had her lay on a bed of stuffed animals for for V magazine.

All of it is incredible.

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Adding interest to the whole situation, there's also this photo of CCD brushing Miley's pet pig.

That doesn't necessarily mean that Miley's newest pet is involved in whatever this is, but it can't be ignored considering the mani-pedi Pig (for better or for worse) got earlier this week.

Not to be overlooked, there's also this pic of Miley in fox ears which, since her hair and makeup is the same and it was posted with other pics of CCD, we're willing to bet money was taken wherever these two were hanging.

We're not any closer to figuring out what they're working on, but whatever. Now, we know to look out for something. In the meantime, here's a video of Carlyne gushing about why she loves Miley on her web series "J'Adore."