photo courtesy of McDonald's

McDonald's Is Now Serving Superman Burgers

Faster than a speeding burger.

If you want a taste of greatness, you can hop a plane eastbound right now and stuff your face with a Superman Burger -- that is, a Superman-themed burger from McDonald's Hong Kong. (No, they have not actually captured Superman and turned him into hamburgers.)

Per Grub Street, the "burger" is actually a fried chicken sandwich, topped with cheese, bacon, and honey mustard and served with a side of "potato cheese balls," a.k.a. potato croquettes. These items (along with beverage of choice, the blue bubblegum McFloat) make up the Superman Tribute Meal, part of an ongoing campaign which will see special menus rolled out for every character from DC's Justice League. The meals come in special packaging modeled after each hero's signature look:

Meanwhile, we're not sure what precisely makes this meal Supermannish, but for what it's worth, the campaign on the Hong Kong McDonald's website strongly insinuates that the sandwich is capable of flight. (It's pictured soaring above the city on a napkin that looks an awful lot like the Man of Steel's cape.)