One Direction Songwriter Jamie Scott Talks About His First Time

From kisses, to heartbreak to meeting 1D!

You may not have heard of Jamie Scott (yet), but you have certainly heard of his music.

You know, One Direction's "Story Of My Life," "You & I," "More Than This," "Diana"....the list goes on. Jamie has been a co-writer on all of these songs, plus nine out of the 12 tracks on 1D's upcoming album, Four, including their next single, "Night Changes."

But now, Jamie is starting to step out from behind the scenes and into the music spotlight. He released his latest single, "Unbreakable," opened for 1D on several stops of their Where We Are Tour and will be ringing in the new year with the release of his debut album My Hurricane (January 20).

When Jamie stopped by MTV News recently, we asked him to spill all the details on 1D's album, but we also wanted to get to know the up-and-comer a little bit better, which is why we asked him all about his "first times."

So watch the video and follow along below to learn all about Jamie's firsts: from kisses, to heartbreak, to the first time he met 1D.

First Time He Heard His Song On The Radio

For any artist, hearing their song for the first time on the radio is a huge deal, and it was no different for Jamie. But instead of turning the music way up to sing along, he wanted to make sure something was just right.

"I was in the car and I was somewhere, maybe Omaha, and I turned the radio up," he said. "I turned it right up and actually checked the mix on the radio just to see what it sounded like. I was quite pleased."

First Time He Realized He Was Famous

"Maybe when I was on tour with One Direction," he revealed. "And I pulled up and there was a bus full of girls just shouting my name."

Better get used to it, Jamie -- the screams will only get louder.

First Time He Met One Direction

Jamie and 1D have had a long history together, and he's been with the boys since the very beginning, he said, recalling the first time they met:

"When we vocaled a song I wrote called 'More Than This' on their first album. And I can't give you a date, but it was quite awhile ago now," he said.

His Very First Kiss

"It was a girl called Hannah and I'm not even sure you would call it a kiss," he admitted. "I'm not sure what was going on, but it was around the back of my moms house and it was quite embarrassing really."

It's ok, we can all be jealous of Hannah together.

First Time He Got His Heart Broken Or Broken Someone's Heart

If you are all wondering, it wasn't Hannah.

"Me getting my heart broken and breaking someone's heart was actually the exact same instant that happened when I was about 20. I was with her for quite awhile," Jamie said. "I then proceeded to write every song for the next four or five years. I'm so glad I met my wife. It gave me something else to talk about."

First time He got In Trouble

"I haven't. I'm actually quite good with the law," he said.

Hopefully he didn't just jinx himself.