Dimitrios Kambouris / MTV News

Kim Kardashian Is Not Amused By Kanye West's Turn-Up To Young Thug

What is going on?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West clearly get each other: the fashion, the... fashion... and a general appreciation for all of the finer things in life. But every once in awhile, they're just like any normal couple who looks at their significant other like: WTF?

And it seems like Kim had one of those moments during Theophilus London's VIBES album release party.

We've seen Kanye West turn all the way up to Young Thug's hit "Danny Glover" before, but that wasn't a one-time thing. The club got lit when the track came on recently, and in the Vine below, you can see 'Ye, Theophilus and crew mobbing pretty hard to the track.

But then if you look to the right, there's Kim standing around, with a look that I'll describe as a mixture of confusion and maybe slight annoyance, but definitely just plain uninterested.

We get it, Thugga isn't for everyone. Sh--, maybe it's just because she can't understand what he's saying ever, just like the rest of us.