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Shawn Mendes’ New Single ‘Something Big’ Is Actually Something Huge

Canadian artist's latest single drops.

Shawn Mendes fans have been tweeting like crazy for the last few days, hoping to bump up the release date of the singer's latest single, "Something Big." Well, all of that hard work has finally paid off.

Just before midnight tonight (November 6) the former Vine star's newest single went wide on iTunes.

Fans got a few early previews of the upbeat track, in which the lyrics seem to tell the tale of Mendes' skyrocketing success.

"It's like that feeling when you're about to win the medal, and you worked so hard that you knew you wouldn't settle," the 16 year-old Canadian sings. "When they hear you and you thought they wouldn't listen, it's like an anthem that the whole world's singin."

Catch a preview of the track here while you wait for that iTunes download to finish: