Let Walk The Moon Teach You Their 'Dork Rock' Moves With These 6 Incredible Dance GIFs

Learn the Bernie, Stanky Leg and more from the "Shut Up And Dance" band.

The four men of Walk The Moon are no strangers to shaking their tail feathers. In the new music video for "Shut Up And Dance," the band not only busts a variety of moves, but they encourage fans to get down with the get-down as well.

"We kind of wanted to write a dork rock anthem for all of those poor souls like us," lead singer Nicholas Petricca said. "So it's about letting go, it's about not being in your head. It's about choosing to be in the moment."

The single will be featured on the Dec. 2 release of their upcoming album Talking Is Hard, which the band thinks will take listeners by surprise.

"We wanted to keep the spirit of Walk The Moon fun-loving and all of that, but we are more ferocious on this record. There's some more tender, sweet, smooth moments, and some of the lyrics are a little deeper too," Petricca said.

But not so deep that Walk The Moon can't still throw a dance party. So when MTV News caught up with the quartet, we asked them to teach us a few of their signature moves. Check out their choreography in the GIFs below:

The Shiver Dance

"We have a song called 'Shiver Shiver' we wanted to make a music video for. And our wonderful, lovable tour manager Blake O'Brien had this dance that he had kind of had come up with on the spot one time and he taught all of us, and we did it, and it's incredible," Kevin Ray told us.

November Rain

"The inspiration for that was not having a guitar and not knowing what to do with my hands," Eli Maiman said.

The Bernie

"After you've woken up from the dead is the best time to do this dance," Sean Waugaman said. "It's all self-taught, it's all me, no lessons."

Kome And Get It

"We based the entire 'Shut Up And Dance' music video off of that one move," Petricca explained. "Really, we just wanted to set up a perfect environment for that to shine. We say all this bullsh-t about letting go and enjoying the moment but it's really all about that move. And it's spelled with a 'K.'"

Stanky Leg

"[I pull this one out] in the club, past 1:30 a.m., when I'm stone cold sober," Ray laughed.

Cardio #GetIt

Where might you see the guys performing this number? "Bar Mitzvahs," Petricca announced.

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GIFs by Gavin Alaoen