Why 'Gotham's' Two-Face Is Absolutely Your Fall TV Crush

Get ready to swoon over Nicholas D'Agosto.

When you think of hot comic book characters, Harvey Dent is probably ranked pretty high, right? Two-Face... not so much, but Nicholas D'Agosto may change that for you. The actor was recently cast as the popular Batman villain on "Gotham," and he is certainly easy on the eyes.

And though D'Agosto may end up being two-faced, he's about to be your number one TV crush. Here's why:

Just Look at That Body

The Weinstein Company

Will D'Agosto strip down on "Gotham?" Probably not, but based on this moment from the movie "Dirty Girl," he should go all "Magic Mike" in Gotham City.

Seriously, Just Look At It

Sony Pictures

This mid-cheerleading shot from "Fired Up!" is just here for good measure.

He Was Hilarious in "Fired Up!" Too

Sony Pictures

It wasn't just about his body, OK? He was hilarious and had great friend chemistry with Eric Christian Olsen.

He Also Looks Good in Clothes, Like a Lab Coat


Doctors are hot, as seen during his time on "Masters of Sex."

Did You Know He Can Sing?


Maybe this is debatable since we didn't see him sing on "The Office," but as Jan's assistant Hunter — whose band was called The Hunted — he certainly made an impression. Did he lose his virginity to Jan? We may never know, but enjoy this walk down memory lane:

Speaking of Nostalgia, He Was West on "Heroes"


Oh, Hayden Panettiere. Times have changed for you. Remember when life was just about "save the cheerleader, save the world"? Good times. West literally swept Claire off her feet.

He Also Romanced Camilla Belle


"From Prada to Nada" wasn't a great movie, but their chemistry was A+.

He Was Charming in "Final Destination 5"

Warner Bros.

Yes, there was a "Final Destination 5," and it had technologically-advanced gore. The plot lines may not have been great, but his face is nice to look at.

He Played a High Schooler When He Was 27

HBO Films

In 2007's "Rocket Science," D'Agosto played Anna Kendrick's character's debate partner who drops out of high school. He was 27 at the time, and he still looks like he could pass for high school on a CW show.

Speaking Of, He was Also Briefly on "Supernatural"

The CW

OK, it was for one episode in Season 1, but it still counts! And ending on that note, how can you not crush on him? If he's good enough for Sam and Dean, he's good enough for us.