Colin Douglas Gray for MTV

Jessica Chastain Thinks 'Interstellar' Co-Star Matthew McConaughey Was More Than Alright, Alright, Alright

'The man has more swagger than anyone I have ever met.'

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Actor Matthew McConaughey is a legend among bros at this point, talking about outer space in his SAG Award acceptance speech, cracking "alright, alright, alrights" left and right in homage to his iconic "Dazed and Confused" role and more shenanigans.

Jessica Chastain, who co-stars with McConaughey in this weekend's "Interstellar," certainly got a taste of the actor's unique touches.

"I will tell you, he lives in a trailer at basecamp," she told MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

He's also a sharing soul, kind enough to lend his moisturizer to those in need.

"He loves his face products," she said. "He was sharing with me on the airplane, which was nice. Little eye cream we shared. Little face."

"Interstellar" is in theaters now.