David Becker / Getty Images

Suge Knight Gets Emotional During Hearing For Robbery Charge

Suge's been having a tough year.

"Emotional" is not a word anyone would usually use to describe Suge Knight, but even a notorious hip-hop gangster is still human at the core.

The former Death Row Records CEO was recently charged with robbery, after allegedly lifting a camera from a photographer, and during an appearance in court on Wednesday, he was visibly choked up.

TMZ obtained footage of the hearing, which found a sympathetic judge explaining to Suge that he understands how frustrating it can be to deal with paparazzi, especially when children are involved.

This still doesn't mean that the charges will be dropped, however, and in the video you can see Suge working hard to blink away the tears. The judge explained that since the District Attorney had already filed charges, his hands are tied.

Suge was taken into custody following the hearing, with bail set at $500,000. If convicted, he could spend 30 years to life in prison, because of a previous assault conviction with a deadly weapon.

It's been quite the year for him. This summer he was shot multiple times while parting in a Los Angeles nightclub, only returning home from the hospital in late August to fully recover.