Who Handled Their 'Are You The One?' Heartbreak Better: Shanley Or Briana?

It's not easy when your crush goes to the Truth Booth -- and discovers he's a perfect match with another girl.

A wise old adage says you should always follow your heart, but what if science tells you to do otherwise?

"Are You the One?"'s finest have often struggled with that question -- especially vet Shanley and this season’s Briana. Both were given a devastating blow when they found out that their crushes — Chris and Curtis, respectively -- weren’t their perfect matches. But those bombshell moments paled in comparison to having to watch the men make trips to the Truth Booth -- and match up with other ladies (Paige and Shelby).

Feelings ran high -- there were more than a few tears -- but ultimately, Shanley and Briana had distinct reactions. So we have to ask: Who handled the news better? In case you need a refresher, let’s revisit what unfolded on those fateful evenings:

When "Perfect Match" flashed on the screen, it was tough to stomach:

Shanley was bawling even before Chris entered the TB, but the waterworks kicked into high gear immediately after she came to the realization that he would be heading to the Honeymoon Suite with another woman. We looked the exact same way after watching "The Fault In Our Stars."

B was much more subdued than S, simply sitting on the couch in shock while trying to take it all in -- and readying herself to to listen to breakup anthems by Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson.

Meanwhile, the guys -- and their ladies -- were equally surprised that they'd made a love connection:

A sullen Chris and a reserved Paige couldn't mask their shock...

...while an excited Curtis and a giddy Shelby were far more enthusiastic about their findings.

Both sets of housemates were pumped after inching closer to the $1 million prize:

The best reaction by a mile: sassy spitfire Simone excitedly declaring, "I want my money!" and jumping into Adam's arms.

Meanwhile, Christina and Garland were the most animated among their crew.

Eventually, shock set in -- and emotions exploded:

Shanley blew her lid at Simone and needed some peeps to hold her back...literally.

Briana couldn't keep it together for long -- and began to cry after Curtis and Shelby received congratulatory hugs from their housemates. Just like the great Celine Dion crooned, she didn't want to be all by herself.

But nothing can trump Shanley really losing her s**t:

Hopefully that didn't leave a dent.

Sorry, Gatorade bottle.

So, all things considered, who handed their heartbreak better? Take our poll, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Are You the One?" on Monday at 10/9c!

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