The 29 Most Adorable Animated Characters Ever - Ranked

So much cutes.

We don't want to oversell it, but after you see Disney's new movie "Big Hero 6" there's a good chance you're going to fall in love with the inflated, adorable robot who is Baymax. We've already explained (at length) why he's awesome - but how will he rank against animation's other huggable creations?

Here's our list of the 29 best (non-human) animated characters of all time... Ranked, in order of cuteness.

29. Scrat, “Ice Age"


"F--k all the haters — Scrat from 'Ice Age' was adorable, and his Sisyphean struggle to get that acorn made him a character to root for." - Shaunna Murphy

28. Mike Wazowski, “Monsters University.”


Though this one-eyed beach-ball is pretty endearing in the original movie, you can't turn down the awww-worthiness of young Mike in "Monsters U."

27. Oliver, “Oliver & Company"


"He's just a little orange kitten trying to find his way in the world. He gets his happy kitty ending despite running into bad guys. He even befriends dogs!" - Emilee Lindner

26. The Dalmatians, “101 Dalmatians"


Come on. There's so many of them. How can you not melt a little when you see a big old puppy pile?

25. Flounder, “The Little Mermaid"


He may not get a song, but Flounder is one of the cutest fish around anyway.

24. Baby Pegasus, “Hercules"


There are very few things we'd let headbutt us. Baby Pegasus is one of those things.

23. Pascal, “Tangled"


Rapunzel's best (and for a while only) friend is the color-changing cutie we can't resist.

22. Puss In Boots, “Shrek 2"


Dat face doe.

21. The Iron Giant, “The Iron Giant"

Warner Bros.

You wouldn't think a giant robot would be cute, let alone one voiced by Vin Diesel. But the titular character in "Iron Giant" gave us several, if not all of the feels.

20. Thumper, “Bambi"


You could go for the title character, and that's fine. But for our money - and we have a lot of money riding on this - the bunny best friend is the one we want to snuggle.

19. Dug, “Up"



18. Fievel, "An American Tail"

Amblin Entertainment

Never has the destitute immigrant experience been so loveable.

17. Stitch, “Lilo & Stitch"


For a monster from outer space bent on world domination and destruction, Stitch is surprisingly huggable.

16. Toothless, “How To Train Your Dragon"


Just look at that snuggly snout. LOOK AT IT.

15. Unikitty, “The Lego Movie"

Warner Bros.

You don't want to get on her bad side, but the good side is the definition of squee-ness.

14. Merida's Brothers (As Bears), “Brave"


They're the most mischievous lot on the list, but Merida's brothers as bears all but forced us to buy three stuffed animals. Forced, we say!

13. Olaf, “Frozen"


He may be cold to the core, but this is one snowman who loves warm hugs - and we'll hug him right back.

12. Blanky, “The Brave Little Toaster"


"Who couldn’t love Blanky, the totally insecure security blanket from 'The Brave Little Toaster?' He/She (What gender was Blanky anyways?) was actually kind of childish and annoying at the beginning of the film, but by the end, everyone – including the cranky Kirby – was pretty taken with this scrappy blanket." - Matt Harper

11. Chip, “Beauty and the Beast"


After seeing "Beauty and the Beast," just try and tell us that you didn't feel a little tear well up in your eye whenever you saw a teacup. Just TRY.

10. Minions, “Despicable Me"

Universal Pictures

The only thing that makes sense about Gru's yellow helpers is how frickin' cute they are.

9. Dumbo, "Dumbo"


The most darling little elephant that ever lived. We're pretty sure he's alive, right? Cool.

8. Gromit, "Wallace & Gromit"


Cracking cute dog, Wallace!

7. Pearl, “Finding Nemo"


Nemo is no slouch himself, but we can't resist his adorable octopus friend. Pearl is so squishy and pink, it makes us want to ink ourselves.

6. Carpet, "Aladdin"


You ain't never had a friend like Genie, but you ain't never had a friend as silent - but adorable - as Carpet.

5. Spider-Pig, “The Simpson’s Movie"


Spider-Pig. Spider-Pig. He's so cute, can you dig?

4. Dot, “A Bug’s Life"


Bugs: not usually cute. Dot, the tiny bug who puts most of the movie's plot in motion? VERY CUTE.

3. Zero, “The Nightmare Before Christmas"


"Zero from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' is my personal favorite because I grew up really loving that movie so much, and he’s just this spooktacularly adorable little ghost dog with a jack-o-lantern nose. What’s not to love?" - Rachel Paoletta

2. Piglet, "Winnie-The-Pooh"


Sometimes the classics are just the best. Pretty much anyone from the Hundred Acre Woods is a fair choice for this list, but if there was just one we had to choose - and there is - Pooh's timid best friend takes the honey.

1. Wall-E, "Wall-E"


Those eyes. That voice. When we were putting together this list, there was only one clear choice for the top spot, and it was the insanely adorable robot who saves the human race. Will Baymax challenge him for this slot as time goes by? We'll have to wait and see.

Disagree? Think we missed one? Let us know in the comments below.