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Shawn Mendes Is Gonna Give You ‘Something Big’ ... At Midnight

Here are all the deets!

Shawn Mendes fans, you deserve "Something Big" for all your hard work over these last few days, and guess what? You're about to get just that!

The Vine celeb-turned-pop star gave fans three different missions in order to unlock his single and, no surprise here, you guys totally slayed them.

Tonight (November 6), all your hard work is going to pay off because at midnight EST, Shawn will release the brand-new single, "Something Big," off his upcoming album. Before Shawn's big reveal of his single, though, he'll sit down for a live stream Q&A at 10:30 p.m. ET. (keep your eyes on Shawn's Twitter for more details).

But Shawn already gave us a taste, releasing two snippets of the uptempo track, which finds him chanting "Oh Oh Oh" over a pulsing drum beat. Those previews were the reward to fans for more than making good on the first two missions, which included mentioning the hashtag #GetSomethingBigNov7 1 million times on Monday and then 1.5 million times on Tuesday.

For the third and final mission, Shawn launched a map on his website that assigned specific hashtags to major cities; fans in those areas had to share their specific hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. Next, they had to get friends together for a group photo holding up their best "Something Big" artwork and post the pic, using the hashtag, to complete the challenge.