Is This Kanye West's New Adidas Sneaker? Take A Look

They might be here before November ends.

Start savings kids, because Kanye West's new Adidas sneakers might actually be here before the end of the year, and better yet, before the end of November.

The leaked photo below allegedly shows the new kicks, and they certainly look different from the red version he released earlier this year with Nike that sold out immediately. According to Complex, this photo was snapped while Kanye was taking a look at them on a plane, and an insider at Adidas has reportedly confirmed them to be authentic.

(Note: It's unclear whether these sneakers will actually be called "Yeezy," if they'll be altered slightly to be "Yeezi" or, if they'll have another name completely).

During a September show in Australia, Kanye delivered one of his signature stream of consciousness monologues, during which he offered up this bit of information. "We've been working hard and we got the new Yeezys -- the Yeezy 3's -- coming in November and this is just the beginning," he said. "'Cause this is something that I wanna create and do for the rest of my life."

Keep in my mind that he was originally planning for a June release, but now that there's a photo floating around, it seems more tangible that November could really be a thing.