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Marvel, You Need To Make This 'Black Widow' Movie Now

Bring on Budapest.

Last week, Marvel Studios announced an ambitious slate of Phase Three movies including "Captain America," "Thor" and "Avengers" sequels, as well as brand-new properties like "Black Panther" and "Captain Marvel."

Tragically absent: "Black Widow." Scarlett Johansson's super-spy remains an active part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially in the "Avengers" movies, but there are still no plans to give her a movie of her own.

Many fans are not happy about the perceived "Black Widow" diss, hitting social media with the hash-tag #BlackWidowMovie as a show of support for Natasha Romanoff getting her own two hours in the spotlight. Will the movement result in an actual "Black Widow" movie? Maybe, maybe not. But if nothing else, it's produced a short but oh-so-sweet script from the guy who wrote this:

Marvel Comics

Nathan Edmondson, the comic book writer behind Marvel Comics' current run on "Black Widow," posted a six-page script treatment of how he would handle Natasha in her own solo film. Without spoiling too much, the script features several of Widow's signature moves, disguises, and globe-trotting history, including a great set-up for her legendary time in Budapest.

Edmondson's script stops with a page six title reveal, but promises that the rest of his vision involves "a whole movie of Black Widow stuff and hell-yeah moments and gunplay and subertuge and a romantic arc and etc, etc, etc... someone get on it, already."

Cosigned. Someone, get Marvel on the phone!

(via Screen Crush)