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7 Life-Changing Lessons Lauren Conrad Taught Us

The former 'Hills' star has given stellar advice on everything from body image to breakups.

TV star, check. Bestselling author, check. DIY queen, check. Master of advice, check.

Lauren Conrad may have been the girl who didn't go to Paris, but one thing's for certain: She's the girl many have turned to for the hard-hitting truth when it comes to heartache, fashion and frenemies.

Although it's been quite some time since "The Hills" went off the air, the former MTV star's pearls of wisdom still hold true for an entire generation, as fans flock to her eponymous website seeking advice. And like a true gal pal, the "Laguna Beach" alum writes back with heartfelt responses in her column and blog posts, offering thoughts on everything from wedding planning and name-calling to advice for her 18-year-old self.

What sage tips does the Cali beauty provide on Check out our favorites here:

On weddings:

Consider your guests' wants and needs as much as your own, making sure the event is super-enjoyable for everyone. "In each of our guests' gift bags we included a recovery kit," Lauren reveals. "After drinking and dancing all night, I wanted our friends and family to have some reinforcements for the morning after."

On feuding friends:

When you're stuck in the middle of a battle between your besties, try to stay neutral but voice your opinion when necessary. "If I know that one friend did something really wrong and I feel strongly about it, I will speak up," shares LC. "After gathering my thoughts, I will calmly say something like, 'Hey I don’t want to take sides, but I'm afraid what you did might be affecting your friendships.'"

On loving your body:

Learn to embrace your flaws, says the entrepreneur. And when summer comes, remember: "A bikini body is not a certain weight, size or shape. It simply means working hard to treat your body right, exercise, eat healthy, and then feeling confident in your bikini. That, ladies, is the best way to learn to love the skin you're in."


The only approved moves: hugs, holding hands and quick kisses. "Don't do anything in public that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see," advises Lauren. "Also, do not do anything in excess."

On texting with a possible paramour:

Play it cool! Says LC: "I know it may seem old-fashioned, but I think a guy should be the first to text."

On surviving a breakup:

Allow yourself to be sad, but pick up the pieces and move on. "Have faith!" says Lauren. "Don't become a cynic who thinks girls rule, boys drool, and true love just doesn't exist. Know that this heartbreak is a rite of passage in life. If you can’t have faith that something great will come along again, then really, what’s the point?!"

On "the real world":

Life after graduation can be daunting, but you can ease the transition by setting up weekly dates with friends, sticking to a daily workout schedule, drafting a beginner's budget, making your house your home ... oh, and always continuing to learn. Most of all, says Lauren, "Use this time as an opportunity to discover what your goals, values and challenges are in life. If you can learn how to overcome the obstacles that come your way while still driving towards your life goals, you will have all of the ingredients for a happy and fulfilling life."