The New 'Into The Woods' Trailer Has Singing Witches And Jerky Princes

I wish... it was December already.

The teensy teaser for "Into the Woods" that we saw over the summer was nice and magical and all, but for one big problem: It featured zero singing, to the great distress of musical theater nerds everywhere.

Fortunately, the new full-length trailer for the film makes with the goods, as we get a preview of Meryl Streep's enchanting rendition of "Stay with Me," which suggests that Meryl is just as insanely talented at singing as she is at everything else.

In addition to including a few highly-anticipated musical moments, the trailer checks in with our complete cast of characters -- from Jack and his beanstalk to Little Red and her lupine new friend -- and also includes a peek at the conflict between Cinderella (Anna Kendrick) and her naughty cad of a Prince (Chris Pine), who explains away his dalliances by quipping, "I was raised to be charming, not sincere." What a jerk.

"Into the Woods" arrives in theaters December 25.