Trina Found Out About French Montana And Khloe Kardashian On Social Media

On Twitter. On Instagram.

With every new Trina interview, we're learning a little bit more about her former "relationship" with French Montana. First of all, she says they were never in a "relationship" -- but, they were close enough for her to have keys to French's house, and close enough for him to stay at her house in Miami whenever he was in town.

During an interview with "The Breakfast Club" on Power 105.1 in New York, she explained that things didn't progress past a certain point since French was going through a divorce. But when Khloe Kardashian came into the picture, things went sour quickly.

“We really was not in a relationship, let’s be clear about that. I never told him ‘I was your girl,'" she said. "And there are a lot of reasons. I guess now you can see why because you just got a lot of growing up to do. He had a situation; he was going through a divorce."

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"That was one of the reasons why I never really got into a relationship with him. I wanted that to be clear," she continued. "But I was there with you every single day and every step of the way while you was dealing and going through that. I was the one who told you to step up to the plate like a man and make the right choice."

"The friend that when you came to Miami you never slept in a hotel because you stayed at my house every single time. The friend that I have the keys to your house still right now today, that kind of friend."

And, unfortunately, French didn't actually have a conversation with her when he started dating Khloe.

“I found out like the rest of the world. It was all over the internet, it was all over my Twitter, my Instagram," Trina revealed. "It’s a little surprising when you’re living with somebody and they’re running around with somebody else. Out of respect, you don’t handle situations like that."

And, nope, they absolutely have not talked since all of this unfolded. “No, I’ve never said one word.”

Same goes for her pal, Kim Kardashian.“I mean if I see her and she speak, I’ll speak. I don’t have a problem with her.”