One Direction Taking A Break? Not So Fast

1D have no time for breaks!

It seems like every other week there are rumors flying around about a One Direction breakup.

Well, the guys want to set the record straight now.

"We haven't really got any sort of break in mind at the minute," Zayn told U.K. radio host Stu Tolan. "We just want to get this [upcoming album, Four,] out and see what [fans] think of this."

And although Four isn't out yet, the fivesome are already looking ahead to album #5, hinting they may be even more involved in the writing process.

"We might take a little bit more time on this [next] record, so that's why they may think we are going on a break," Louis explained. "We just want to take a little bit more time."

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"Because writing is a little bit like a break sometimes when you sit and write songs," added Liam, who said that he'd love for the group to take a trip to the Bahamas together.

Once Liam made that vacation comment, though, Harry was quick to chime in that Payne shouldn't say too much because then they "won't get any holidays."

With a fourth LP on the way and their On the Road Again Tour scheduled for next year, there's obviously no slowing these guys down.

But Directioners started questioning whether the guys would call it quits after comments Simon Cowell made. The Syco Music head said the band could be done after their next two albums, explaining "bands don't stay together forever."

And Simon does have a point. So what if the band ever did break up? What are they hoping people remember about them?

"That we didn't take ourselves too seriously," Louis said, "and that we were lovin' it, which we are."