Jack Jeffries

Briana Says Her 'Are You The One?' Hookup With Curtis Meant Something

The pretty brunette reveals their rendezvous was 'sentimental.'

Curtis may have found his perfect match (Shelby) on this week's "Are You the One?" episode, but before heading to the Honeymoon Suite, he spent his last night with another woman: his crush Briana.

Yep, Curtana broke one major "AYTO" rule: Don't use the Boom Boom Room with someone science deemed isn't your one and only. And definitely don't do it when you're heading out the door -- or as C phrased it, for a "last hurrah" or "victory lap."

"There was a lot of sexual tension, and I had been putting in work," the sensitive guy says of their long-awaited hookup in the "Pound Town Confessions" clip below. As for a one-word recap of the experience? "Fantastic."

Bri, meanwhile, admits she was sad after Curtis' Truth Booth match with Shelby -- but before long, she and C decided to "live up their last night in the house together."

"There was bubbles in the Jacuzzi -- I guess bubbles in the Jacuzzi leads to time in the Boom Boom Room," the brunette beauty says with a smile. You can say that again.

But, after describing the hookup as "emotional" and "sentimental," B admits it wasn't really like going to "pound town." "It was more like, 'Oh, this is a good time type of thing,'" she coyly continues. Say wha?!

Watch the clip to find out if the two went all the way, who Curtis was initially attracted to during his first few days in paradise -- hint: it wasn't Bri! -- and if they'd like to be intimate again in the not-so-distant future. And be sure to catch a new episode of "Are You the One?" on Monday at 10/9c!