Jon Hamm Wears A Cat Sweatshirt And Loves Tumblr: Watch


Because the internet loves us and wants us to be happy, this video of Jon Hamm on Comedy Central's "@midnight" is now a thing that exists. In it, Hamm makes a cameo appearance to introduce a special, cat-themed segment of the comedian's gameshow, where he basically could not be more enthusiastic about how much he loves the internet -- not just for gay porn, mind you, but because it's the proud home of umpteen billion cats, who he describes as "man's best snuggle buddy."

[Pause for delirious fevered fantasies about Jon Hamm adorably nuzzling a fuzzy-wuzzy kitten with his handsome man face.]

The best part of this video might be Jon Hamm's wardrobe, which includes a sweatshirt emblazoned with a sunglasses-wearing feline and the catchphrase, "LIVE IN THE MEOW."