FKA Twigs Seduces Jimmy Fallon With U.S. TV Debut

Twigs performs 'Two Weeks' with strobe lighting and silk.

FKA Twigs only had Jimmy Fallon's studio stage to work with Tuesday night when she made her U.S. TV debut on "The Tonight Show," be she somehow transformed it into a wind tunnel of seduction.

The British singer squeezed out "Two Weeks," off her LP1, in tiptoe soprano, stepping carefully around the slew of swears not intended for television. Silk fluttered toward the ceiling as she lowered her glance to the camera -- wearing a Wonder Woman-esque gold bustier and a slit black skirt.

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"I've never seen anything like that before," Fallon said at the end of the sultry performance. "Oh my god."

He's lucky she didn't pull a "Video Girl" and dance him to death...