'Sons Of Anarchy': 21 Reasons We Love Bobby 'Elvis' Munson

Ride on, brother.

WARNING: "Sons Of Anarchy" Spoilers Ahead!

From the very first episode of "Sons of Anarchy," Mark Boone Junior rode right off the pavement and into fans' hearts as Bobby "Elvis" Munson, one of the senior members of SAMCRO. He was the hairiest, he was the biggest, and he was the best singer. For many fans, Bobby seemed like one of the few "Anarchy" characters who might make it out of this thing alright.

And then, this happened:

Once August Marks got his hands on Bobby, it was only a matter of time before the other shoe dropped — and it dropped last night. After losing an eye and several fingers as a prisoner of war, Bobby finally bit the bullet on last night's "Sons of Anarchy." He's gone.

But let's remember the good times, because Bobby was the best. As he shuffles off this mortal coil, let's celebrate Bobby's life with 21 reasons why we loved the guy:

1. We loved him every time he was "Bobby Elvis."

2. We loved him every time he went to business with SAMCRO.

3. We loved him every time he chilled with SAMCRO.

4. We loved him every time he chilled on his bike.

5. We loved him every time he just straight up chilled.

6. We loved him every time he had Jax's back.

7. We loved him every time he had an old lady's back.

8. We loved him even when he had Clay's back.

9. Did we already mention we loved him every time he performed as Bobby Elvis?

10. We loved how he respected the dead.

11. We loved how he kicked your butt.

12. We loved how he called you out whenever you were acting stupid.

13. We loved how he reacted to getting shot like it was no big deal.

14. We loved him every time he side-hugged it out.

15. We loved him every time he bear-hugged it out.

16. We loved it when people would scream his name.

17. Honestly, we even loved him when he only had one eye.

18. We loved every time he remembered the good old days.

19. We loved that time he went to Gotham City and stole some falafel.

20. And we loved how he made Batman mad.

21. Kidding aside, we just loved the guy. Especially as Bobby Elvis.

Rest in peace, big guy.

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