Hear An Extended Preview Of A$AP Rocky's 'Pretty Flacko 2'

London fans are so lucky.

Flacko season is so close -- I can almost taste it. In early October, A$AP Rocky dropped a new video for a song called "Multiply," on the heels of A$AP Yams' announcement that new music was coming from the Mob soon.

In "Multiply" there's a brief beat break, where the tune switches up and we get a preview of another track called "Pretty Flacko 2." It was clear even from that snippet that the instrumental is dope, and Rocky gave some lucky fans in London a real taste this week, when he performed the track live at the 2014 Red Bull Culture Clash.

Props to producers Nez & Rio for cooking up that beat. They're also responsible for crafting Schoolboy Q's "Man of the Year."

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Check it out in the video below. This must be the clearest, most audible concert footage of all time, by the way.