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23 Signs You're Either In College Or It's Time To Grow Up

Acting like you're in college is the best. Until the moment you graduate or flunk out, and then it's just super sad.

College is the most amazing three weeks to 38 years of anyone's life, but when it's over, it's over. There are plenty of awesome things that are totally acceptable when you're a student, but if you do them in the real world, you're a filthy, disgusting loser. Are you a filthy, disgusting loser? Check below and find out for yourself!

1. It's been years since you've called home without asking for money.

2. You know the most obscure rules of beer pong.

3. You own at least four t-shirts with cartoon characters on them.

4. There are pictures of naked people on your wall, and they're not paintings.

5. You still call your balls or boobs by their nicknames.

6. The first thought when you receive your check is "Sweet! Beer money!"

7. 98% of your meals come in a paper bag.

8. You've recently lied about being in a band.

9. You plan your weekend around hangovers.

10. There's a portion of your budget set aside for ramen noodles.

11. You still go back home to do your laundry.

12. You've been in the same room while one of your roommates is getting lucky.

13. In the last calendar year, you've hit a minimum of five dudes in the nuts for laughs.

14. You just got in a heated argument over which brand of frozen pizza is better.

15. You've worn sweatpants in public and it wasn't to pick up your prescription.

16. You have to put on flip-flops in the shower.

17. The only kitchen appliance you know how to use is the microwave.

18. Bob Marley is your favorite musician, and you can never remember what his name is.

19. You haven't taken a date to a restaurant since homecoming.

20. The most important thing in your life is having nothing to do before noon.

21. You have no idea what a savings account is.

22. You've spent several hours having in-depth discussions on a book you've never read.

23. You own more video game systems than pairs of pants.