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Watch These Devastated Kids Find Out Their Parents Ate All The Halloween Candy

Jimmy Kimmel strikes gold again with his fourth Halloween candy video.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" is back with yet another priceless tell-your-kids-you-ate-all-their-Halloween-candy-and-see-what-happens video. These children honestly cannot with their parents right now. Check it out below:

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The kids' reactions cover a wide range of emotional responses -- from mild disappointment to aggressive outbursts to straight-up bawling.

There's kicking and screaming...

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

...knocked over chairs...

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

...and a kid whose rebellious drawer-opening efforts are thwarted by fake drawers.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

My favorite is the concerned child who -- when he finds out all his candy has been eaten -- worriedly says, "You must have a bellyache." What a reasonable tiny human.

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