Beyonce Is A Meme Queen: Here's Proof

Bey's last record basically spawned its own language. Check it out.

Beyoncé: She's a lady who has launched a thousand memes -- especially when it comes to her last, self-titled record, which dropped at the end of last year. That album was catchy as hell -- both when it came to the music and sharability of all that went along with it.

As Bey prepares to drop a deluxe edition of Beyoncé at the end of November, we compiled the six most meme-able moments from the original album. Here's hoping she makes like #5 and drops a fresh collection of tunes soon.

1. Surfboardt

Origins: The neologism "surfboardt" was first found in Bey's track, "Drunk In Love," and described a pretty inventive way of having sex in the bathtub: "Then I fill the tub up halfway then ride it with my surfboart, surfboart, surfboart."

Current Use: The word is currently used by Bey fans to punctuate thoughts in a humorous, often nonsensical fashion -- mostly because it sounds funny.

2. I Woke Up Like This

Origins: In 'Yonce's feminism-themed track "Flawless***" (we'll get to that later), Bey sings: "I woke up like this."

Current Use: "I woke up like this" is often used in Instagram posts in which a person -- or sometimes animal -- seeks to show the world just how beautiful/horrible they look upon rousing themselves from slumber.

3. Flawless***

Origin: See above.

Current Use: "Fierce" was becoming rather tired, so the world rejoiced when "Flawless***) -- asterisks and all -- burst onto the scene. The term is often used to describe things that are extra lacking in flaws, and, quite frequently, Beyoncé herself in headlines of articles penned about the Queen. Sure, it was technically a word that existed before (sans ***, naturally), but we're going to hazard a guess that Bey contributed to a recent uptick in popularity.

4. I Been Drinkin'

Origins: See "Surfboardt."

Current Use: This phrase from Beyoncé and Jay Z's "Drunk In Love" has become a favorite saying among those who have been, well, drinking. You can find it scattered all over Twitter and Instagram along with photos best not seen by parents and bosses.

5. Pulling A Beyoncé

Origins: When Bey released her self-titled record at the end of 2013, she did so without any warning -- IE, she "pulled a Beyoncé."

Current Use: The term "Pulling a Beyoncé" has come to be used any time we suspect a musician might be planning to release a new record without any lead-up. We're looking at you, Rihanna...

6. Feminist

Origins: During her performance at the 2014 VMAs, Bey stood on a rotating platform in front of the word "feminist."

Current Use: Obviously, Bey has now become a synecdoche for feminism. Let's just see that GIF again, shall we?