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The Doctor Faces Zombie Cybermen In This Terrifying 'Doctor Who' Finale Pic

Bring out your dead.

[Spoilers for last week's "Doctor Who," "Dark Water," lie ahead!]

The terror on Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor's face during the final moments of last week's "Doctor Who" has officially been validated -- because not only is his greatest enemy, The Master, back from the dead as a woman named Missy (Michelle Gomez), but she's brought an army of the killing-obsessed Cybermen with her.

We knew last week that those bodies preserved in "Dark Water" had been "upgraded" into Cybermen, but the breathtaking art from Saturday's (November 8) season finale, "Death in Heaven," makes it clear that things are much, much worse than we initially thought:

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See that Cyberman hand popping out of the dirt? Yeah, that pretty much means that all of the dead are fair game when it comes to this Cyber-Zombie attack... not just the ones who were wealthy enough to choose to be preserved in water. And, as Missy made abundantly clear last week, there are a whole lot more dead people floating around her "Nethersphere" underworld than there are live bodies on Earth.

Also, if this bonus image from the Series 8 finale can be used as an indicator, those live bodies might not be much help:

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