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Is Heidi Montag Preggers Or Just Pulling A Typical Speidi?

The former 'Hills' star is tweeting a whole lot of baby talk.

While on "The Hills," Spencer Pratt toyed with the idea of a vasectomy to avoid fatherhood, but if his wife Heidi Montag's recent tweets are any indication, the role of dad could be inevitable.

Heidi, whose social media musings typically amount to date night updates, sweet messages to family members and fond memories of her pop star days, recently took her timeline in an entirely different direction when she made a pretty shocking admission:

That's right -- Heidi's ready for a little Speidi. So if you felt the world turn on its axis, now you know why.

The weekend tweet seemed to spark a maternal wildfire inside of Spencer's better half; before long, her page turned into a specialty issue of Parenting magazine, and we were left wondering if Heids was being a little coy -- maybe all the Pinterest mentions of baby showers and gender neutral color schemes are more reality than fantasy!

On the other hand, Speidi are pretty infamous for the bait and switch -- remember the divorce-that-never-was? Perhaps the married couple is just ready to pull another fast one...

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+ Can you picture Heidi and Spencer changing diapers, tuning in to Sesame Street or rinsing the spit-up off of a dishrag? Share your thoughts about a potential Baby Speidi in the comments!