Angelina Jolie Says Being Married To Brad Pitt Is 'Different'

Marriage brought changes for the longtime couple, Angelina tells Vanity Fair

Three months after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally tied the knot, causing the universe to implode upon itself in a screaming blaze of rabid, gossipy wish-fulfillment, the world has resumed spinning on its axis and life has more or less returned to normal. But in her latest interview for the December issue of Vanity Fair, Angelina confessed that things are not exactly as they use to be chez Jolie-Pitt.

"It does feel different,” she said. “It feels nice to be husband and wife."

The interview also includes the inside scoop on the couple's wedding vows, which their kids wrote for them.

"They did not expect us never to fight, but they made us promise to always say, 'Sorry,' if we do," Jolie explained. "So they said, 'Do you?,' and we said, 'We do!'"

And do we think this was the cutest possible conclusion to the Brangelina wedding story? WE DO.

In the meantime, Jolie says that she and Pitt are taking an interesting next step as newlyweds: starring together in a movie as a married couple whose relationship is on the rocks. For more details, check out the interview excerpt heat Vanity Fair.