This Is How An Angry 'Sledneck' Gets Revenge On Her Boyfriend

Hint: The couch didn't survive.

Hell hath no fury like a "Sledneck" scorned.

On the premiere of MTV's newest show, which follows a crew of proud Alaskan hell-raisers, lovebirds Sierra and Kelly found themselves with a few ruffled feathers. Sierra, who was fed up with the fact that her boyfriend owed her money, decided to steal his shoes and consequently started a back-and-forth prank war. It ended quickly, though, when Sierra silenced the battle by blowing up Kelly's couch (WHAT?!). And in the bonus clip below, Kelly and pal Trevor wade through the wreckage.

"It looks like she got into interior decorating," Trevor observes as he and Kelly arrive at the upholstered graveyard. Upon surveying the area, they find some other unfortunate casualties of the massacre -- a pair of charred jeans, long underwear that could double as Swiss cheese -- and though Kelly's pissed, he resolves to stay strong and not let Sierra get under his skin.

"She probably thinks this is gonna get to me," he says. "I give two f***s." A true Sledneck!

Watch the whole scene, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new episode of "Slednecks" Thursday night at 10/9c!