These 7 Video Games Will Make Your Next Staycation A 'Gamecation'

Can't travel this winter? Visit locales around the world from your console.

With the weather getting colder and the nights getting longer, now might be the perfect time to take that well-deserved getaway. The only problem: Travel is expensive. Plus, long security lines and cramped seating don't help.

Instead, kick back on your couch and set your router to max speed, because you can go globetrotting with your PS4 or Xbox One. We promise nobody will hit the back of your seat.

1. Paris (“Assassin's Creed Unity”)


Maybe it's not quite as romantic as visiting France with your significant other, but at least you won't need to spend months beforehand learning the language and which wines to order.

With "Assassins Creed Unity," you can have a hand in storming the Bastille and giving King Louis XVI what he deserves. The history buff inside you will be enjoying the memories of this "gamecation" for many years to come.

2. Provence, Tuscany and Côte d'Azur (“Forza Horizon 2”)

Microsoft Studios

Planning a road trip always sounds like a great idea, but the reality involves a lot of time outside of cell phone range, desperately trying to find a crappy gas station bathroom.

"Forza Horizon 2" lets you jump into the driver's seat of the world's most expensive cars and enjoy the tranquil European countryside. (One of the game developers tells us the roads can also have the appearance of the Nevada open landscape.) An added benefit of taking this game for a ride is not getting pulled over for hitting triple digits by the local PD.

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3. New York City (“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”)


In "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," you can sling your way across the city while skipping the crowds...and crazy taxi rides...and people dressed up like Disney characters in Times Square trying to grab you...

4. Los Angeles Los Santos (“Grand Theft Auto V”)

Rockstar Games

OK, it's technically not L.A., but it has great weather, attractive people, and beaches for surfing -- and the traffic won't ruin your good time. Check out "Grand Theft Auto V" for the feel of SoCal without embarrassing yourself by taking a selfie in front of the Hollywood Sign.

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5. Chicago (“Watch Dogs”)


Visiting the Windy City in the winter can be a gamble, since it gets like 100 snowfalls per year. Good thing you can order a deep dish pie and fire up "Watch Dogs" on your console. Hack your way through the city's central operating system without having to freeze your tail off.

6. Seattle (“inFamous Second Son")


If you like damp weather, then Seattle is the place to visit. Want to take the trip without packing your rain gear? Pick up a copy of "inFamous Second Son" and check out the Space Needle from the comfort of your (blissfully dry) easy chair.

7. The Himalayas (“Far Cry 4”)


Enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayan range as you ride atop six-ton elephant. "Far Cry 4" is filled with action and adventure while giving you the ability to climb to base camp of Mount Everest without running out of breath. It's even better than watching "Survivorman" from the couch.

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