Move Over, Kim Kardashian! Jacquie Lee Might Be The Newest Selfie Expert

The former 'Voice' contestant is coming for you, Kim.

There's no question about it: Kim Kardashian is a selfie queen. But the reality TV star should probably keep an eye out for "Broken Ones" singer Jacquie Lee. While the former "Voice" contestant doesn't have a book in the works (à la Mrs. West), by the looks of her Instagram account, she could be after Kim's crown.

Having snapped shots with the likes of Christina Aguilera and Ed Sheeran, Jacquie has become quite a pro on the subject. So when MTV News caught up with the 17-year-old -- while promoting her new EP -- we had her share some secrets to taking the perfect self portrait. Check out her five steps in the video above and then take a look at some of her pics and tips below!

1. Comfort

"Find the perfect environment that you're most comfortable in. The sad part is, like, there's no place that's weird to take a selfie now. You can literally take a selfie anywhere."

2. Pick Up The Phone


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3. Good Lighting

"If you don't have the perfect lighting you can just leave now. Because then you just look bad overall."

4. Duck Face

"Not too much duck face because then you don't look cute."

5. Filter

"Find the perfect filter if needed."

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