Don't Worry, There's Already An #AlexFromTarget T-Shirt


Just two short days after Halloween, the most perfect, internet-y costume to ever exist emerged. Will people remember Alex from Target next Halloween? Probably not. Memes burn bright and then die quickly, you guys—remember the ridiculously photogenic guy from the NYC Marathon last year? Yeah, exactly. Regardless, he exists and you need to know about him.

Alex From Target—or #alexfromtarget as he's more commonly known—is Twitter/the internet/the world's favorite store employee right now basically, um, because he's cute. Seriously. He's been trending on Twitter since Sunday and shows no signs of slowing down.

His employer has even shown its support—Target is alllll about Alex.


What better way to pay homage to the internet's latest viral star than through stealing his look for yourself? There is no better way. Wear this outfit when you tweet about your boy; wear it on the street to get the adoration of fans; wear it to Target and see if anyone notices; the list for possible occasions to wear this look goes on. Completing the look is made especially easy because, well, Etsy already has an Alex from Target shirt available, complete with a Target name tag. Bye, game over—thanks for playing.

+ Alex from Target shirt: Etsy ($18)

+ Merona Men's Ultimate Flat Front Pants: Target ($25)

+ Men's Fusion Digital Watch: Target ($15)